How we work

Working methods tailored to each client.

The way we work is designed to meet the requirements of small and large businesses. We are structured around a solid base that also allows us to be agile in planning and managing our activity.

Context and introduction

The regulatory issues that we manage can be subject to legal sanctions and determine a company’s ability to sell a product. Our continued presence on the market is testament to the success of all the projects we have been involved in. We know we have to earn trust and we do so through professional respect, courtesy, and the highest levels of expertise.

Key elements

White circles arranged in a T shape to indicate the first letter of team

At least two people

For every project we assemble a team of at least two people who manage a range of activities in parallel.
That means we reduce timescales, offer more of the relevant expertise, and increase our availbility for clients.

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We keep the use of clients’ resources to the bare minimum: we focus our meetings on collecting all the information we need for us to work independently, and schedule times for analysis and sharing progress.

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Exit strategy

Once initial certification has been secured, clients can choose to build an in-house team to maintain the project. We can help clients in selecting staff and can guarantee training throughout all stages of the process to enable complete independence going forward.

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Supporting technology

We have business subscriptions for GSuite, AnyDesk, Office 365 and access to all UNI (the Italian Organisation for Standardisation) standards.
Once we begin working together, we provide a shared space on Google Drive where we develop all documentation.

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Flexible in adapting plans

In the critical first phase, clients’ work can drive and influence our own work.
We can absorb any setbacks in the project by advising on a new plan that takes their requirements into account. In addition, we allow payments to be deferred without incurring interest.

Contact us

Requirement analysis.

Use the details in the contact section to get in touch so that we can give you more information, organise an initial meeting, create a bespoke service, or put together a dedicated quote.