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Medical devices training courses

We deliver approved training courses on European and Italian regulation in the medical devices industry.
A notable feature of our service is that we organise the course on-site for clients to suit their needs and the medical devices they manage.

Context and introduction

We always advise our clients to put together an internal team that is responsible for managing the project and ongoing compliance with the relevant medical industry regulation. We provide staff training, ensuring complete operational autonomy for clients.


Tailored training

We deliver training courses at clients’ premises. Our courses are open to an unlimited number of participants as long as they are part of the company. Knowing our clients means that we can develop courses that are perfectly matched to their needs.



We work as trainers for the main Italian standard-setting body as well as the leading notified bodies. Therefore our training certificates have corresponding value and recognition.


Effectiveness appraisal

The award of training certification can take place after an assessment of the course’s effectiveness conducted via a verbal or written text, in line with the assessment criteria required by the quality management system.

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Requirement analysis

Use the details in the contact section to get in touch: we can give you more information, organise an initial meeting, create a bespoke service, or put together a dedicated quote.