Sistemir’s cookies policy

Sistemir’s cookies policy was updated on 01/01/2021.

Collection and use of personal data

This document contains information related to technologies that allow this website to achieve the purposes described below.

For the sake of simplicity, in this document these technologies are briefly defined as “tracking systems” unless there is a reason to differentiate.
For example, even if cookies can be used in web and mobile browsers, it would be out of place to speak of cookies in the context of mobile device applications, since they are tracking instruments that require the presence of a browser. For this reason, in this document the term “cookie” is used only to specifically indicate that particular type of tracking instrument.

Some of the purposes for which tracking instruments are used may also require the user’s consent. If consent is provided, it can be freely revoked at any time by following the instructions contained in this document.

This website only uses tracking systems that activate services provided by third parties (commonly called “third party” tracking instruments ). If not otherwise specified in this document, such third parties have access to the respective tracking systems.
Duration and expiration of third-party cookies and other tracking tools  may vary depending on what is set by each third party provider.
In addition to what is specific in the description in each of the categories below, users may obtain more detailed and updated information on the duration, as well as any other significant information – such as the presence of other tracking instruments – in the privacy policies of the respective third party suppliers (using the available links) or by contacting the Data Controller.


Google Analytics (Google Ireland Limited)

Google Analytics is a Google product that allows us to understand how users interact with this site, uses a set of cookies to collect information and generate statistics on the use of the site without providing personal information on individual visitors to Google. The main cookie used by Google Analytics is “_ga”. This cookie lasts for 2 years.

The IP address is automatically anonymized and the data obtained by Google Analytics are not shared with Google.

Under these conditions, the GDPR specifies that the same rules apply to analytics cookies as for technical cookies, in terms of information and consent. User consent is not required for the installation of technical and analytics cookies, while it is always necessary to provide the information. When the user accesses this site (on the home page or on any other page), a banner appears immediately containing a first “short” information and a link to access this “extended” information.

Google Analytics: Privacy PolicyOpt out

How to manage preferences and provide or revoke consent

Various ways exist to manage preferences related to tracking instruments and to provide or revoke consent.

Users can manage preferences related to tracking instruments directly through the settings on their devices – for example, they can prevent the use or archiving of tracking instruments.

Users can also manage some tracking instruments for mobile applications by deactivating them using the specific device setting, such as advertising settings for mobile devices or the settings related to tracking in general (users can consult the device settings to identify the pertinent one).

Thanks to the specific browser or device functions it is also possible to remove previously saved tracking instruments.

Other tracking instruments present in the browser local memory can be removed by deleting the browsing chronology.

In terms of third party tracking instruments, users can manage the preferences and revoke consent by visiting the relative opt out link (if available) using the instruments described in the privacy policy of the third party or by contacting it directly.

Data controller

Sistemir EU S.r.l.

Lecco, LC 23900
Via Ponte Alimasco, 13
Contact for data protection: Fabio Valtorta

Data controller’s email address:

Since use of the third party tracking instrument on this website cannot be completely controlled by the Data Controller, every specific reference to third party tracking instruments is to be considered indicative. To obtain complete information, users are asked to consult the privacy policy of the respective third party services listed in this document.

Given the objective complexity to identify tracking technologies, the users are asked to contact the Data Controller if they want to receive additional information regarding the use of these technologies on this website.